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KZSU's Interview on How Reducing Stress helps Healthy Ageing 

UCSF Study to Assess Response to COVID Vaccine by older population

UCSF Professors Elizabeth Blackburn & Elissa Epel talked to KZSU about how Stress affects our bodies by shortening the telomere lengths. They discussed what we can do to help reduce stress, and reverse telomere shortening; their best-selling book The Telomere Effect is a must-read about Healthy Ageing!

They also discussed the UCSF BOOST study which launched in March 2021 funded to measure the effectiveness of COVID-19 response in people older than 60. The study is funded by NIH and is the biggest in the nation to assess effect of vaccine. To learn more or to participate, please visit their website,

Dr. Blackburn discussed her initiative to develop a new global approach for international open science - for more information, please click here: Lindau Guidelines for Open Science

To listen to this interview, please click this link

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