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Dr. Barry Kerzin

KZSU interviewed Dr.Barry Kerzin, founder of Altruism in Medicine Institute, after his talk about Compassionate Living at Stanford University's Medical Center.  Dr. Kerzin talked to us about why he founded the Altruism in Medicine Institute, why meditation is important and why meditation needs to be accompanied by compassion.  Dr. Kerzin also discussed the course that his developing about Compassion in Medicine which will be taught to medical students and health care professionals. 

To emphasize the health benefits of meditation, Dr. Kerzin told us about how and why his brain and the brains of other monks who practiced long term meditation were studied by Dr. Richard Davidson at the University of Wisconsin's Medical School.   The NIH reviewed and documented the positive effects of long term meditation.  

At the end of the interview Dr. Kerzin discussed  the future plans of the Altruism in Medicine Institute.

The interview was broadcast on KZSU in August, 2015 and is available from this link..
Plans to Save the SS United States, America's Flagship:

KZSU interviewed Susan Gibbs, Executive Director, SS United States Conservancy about the new plans to save America's Flagship, The plans were announced in February 2016 and  include working with Crystal Cruises to renovate the ship so that it can go back to sea, and also serve as a museum.  Susan talked about why the history of the ship is important and she gave us  two examples where other ocean liners were turned into museums.  Susan also discussed the different opportunities to volunteer at the SS United States Conservancy and she mentioned some of the books and documentaries about the SS United States.  One of the books is  A Man and His Ship which was written about how William Francis Gibbs, America's greatest naval architect, built the SS United States to be the fastest ship, at the time.   

Susan's initial 5 minute news broadcast  is available from this link.

KZSU's 30 minute interview with Susan Gibbs  is available from this link.

​The 2016 Science Fair at the White House:

​To celebrate President Obama's 6th Science Fair at the White House, KZSU had the honor and privilege to interview Thomas Kalil, Deputy Director for Polity at the White House Office for Science, Technology and Innovation.  Mr. Kalil discussed why President Obama supports science education and why the administration encourages young students to study Science, Engineering. Technology and Math.  During the interview we also discussed President Obama's Computer Science for All initiative as well as the President's  Educate to Innovate campaign.  The interview was broadcast live on April 13, 2015.  

This interview and parts of President Obama's remarks to the young scientists at the 2016 Science Fair are available from this link.

Stanford Professor Jo Boaler and The Mathematics Revolution:

Professor Boaler's talk The Mathematics Revolution: Helping Children Learn and Love Mathematics was recorded by  KZSU  during Stanford's Homecoming Reunion Weekend.  During the talk Professor Boaler discussed how positive mindsets can encourage greater persistence, engagement and high mathematics achievement.  Professor Boaler teaches Mathematics Education at Stanford's Graduate School of Education; she also started Youcubed and her books include Mathematical Mindsets.

The talk is available from this link.