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Our radio guests include the following leading scientists and inventors
from Stanford University and from around the world. We interview companies that do leading research, like  Second Sight  from California. Second Sight manufactures the Bionic Eye, or Argus II, which gives the blind hope to regain vision.  Argus II  received FDA's final approval in Feb, 2013.
Professor Robert L. Byer

Professor Byer teaches Applied Physics at Stanford University.  He has invented many types of lasers and has more than 50 patents.  Professor Byer is also a well known entrepreneur.  In 2012, Professor Byer served as President of the American Physical Society.  To listen to our first interview with Professor Byer, please click here.
In our second interview, Professor Byer talks about videos, X-ray Lasers and his favorite science books; Here is Professor Byer's Book List.  The 2nd interview which discusses the books is here.
Professor Roger Kornberg

Dr. Roger Kornberg,Professor of Structural Biology at Stanford University won the Nobel Prize in Chemistry in 2006 for his work on understanding how DNA is converted into RNA, a process known as transcription.

Our interview with Professor Kornberg will be broadcast in February, 2013.

Professor William Miller

Professor Chuck Eesley

​A recent study by Stanford Professors Miller and Eesley shows that Stanford alumni create an economic impact of $3 trillion per year.  Please click here for details of this Stanford sudy.  Our interview with Professor Miller and Professor Eesley is available here.
Professor Bruce Clemens

Professor Bruce Clemens' Group at Stanford's Engineering School leads research on photovoltaics, carbon nanotubes, hydrogen storage, transistor gate materials and ion-beam assisted deposition.  Listen to our interview with Professor Clemens, which was broadcast on KZSU on Oct 17, 2012.
Dr. Philip Sunshine

Dr. Sunshine is an Emeritus Professor at Stanford University in Pediatrics - Neonatal and Developmental Medicine.  Dr. Sunshine founded and lead Stanford's neonatal unit and he helped develop Lucile Packard Children's Hospital Neonatal Department.  Dr. Sunshine will talk to us about how technology has improved neonatal care.  To listen to Dr. Sunshine's interview, please click here.
Professor Mike D. McGehee

Professor McGehee is Director of Center for Advanced Molecular Photovoltaics.  His research at Stanford focuses on organic semiconductors, nanostructured materials and solar cells.  We interviewed Professor McGehee about organic solar cells and the economics of solar cell  in the next decade.  Please click here to listen to  Professor McGehee's interview.
Architect Frank Gehry

Mr. Frank Gehry talked to us about the new materials that he uses in his buildings and the carbon fibers that he recently used to build the sailboat Foggy II.  Mr. Gehry also discussed his new geothermal house and why we need to build energy efficient buildings.  Mr. Gehry gave us a fascinating description about some of his buildings and told us why he trys to design buildings that give people a feeling of optimism,  Mr. Gerhy recommended reading "Building Art: The Life and Work of Frank Gehry" and he told us he was excited about his new building for the Luma Foundation’s new headquarters in Arles.

KZSU broadcast this interview in November, 2015; it is available from this link.

Dr. Martin Fisher, CEO, Kickstart

After graduating from with a Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from Stanford University, Martin Fisher became a very successful social entrepreneur.  In 1991, Martin Fisher co-founded, a non-profit which develops and markets simple technologies that help poor farmers in Africa.  So far, Kickstart has helped lift more than 700,000 people out of poverty.  To download Martin's interview, please click here.
Dr. Dick Swanson

Former Stanford Engineering Pofessor, Dick Swanson, left Stanford to start Sunpower Corporation, more than 20 years ago.   Today,  Sunpower is the largest solar cell manufacturing company in America.  Our interview with Dr. Swanson will be broadcast on December 12th.  
To listen to the interview, please click here.
Dorian West

Director of Power Train Hardware Engineering at Tesla Motors discusses electric car technology and Tesla Motors' innovations!  These include the supercharging stations, remote diagnostics and upgrades for their cars and many other features!  Dorian also talks about his time at Stanford and his enthusiastic support for Stanford's Solar Car Team!  The interview is here.
Professor Douglas Osheroff

Professor Osheroff won the Nobel Prize in Physics in 1996 for his discovery of the  superfluidity in Helium-3.  To listen to our 2013 interview with Pofessor Osheroff about scientific discovery, please click here.
Professor Marco Pavone

Stanford Professor Marco Pavone is helping build the smart, new Space Rovers which will be sent on the Phobos Surveyor  to explore the Martian moon Phobos.  This work is being done with JPL and MIT.  If you would like to know more about how space teams work, about building these space rovers and what they will do on the Martian Moon, please download  our interview with Professor Marco from this link.
Meet two of Stanford's Professors:of Business & Philosophy:

Professor Joel Peterson, Chairman, Jet Blue
Professor John Perry, co-host Philosophy Talk

Our interview with Stanford Professors Joel Peterson and John Perry focused on how to succeed in negotiations.  Professor Peterson discussed why the US is leading in innovations and entrepreneurship and Professor Perry discussed the philosophy of negotiations.  The interview was broadcast in June, 2014 and is available from this link.
Dean Arjay Miller

In his interview with KZSU, Dean Arjay Miller talked about why he came to Stanford University after serving as President of Ford Motor Company, why he started the Public Management Program at Stanford's Graduate School of Business and why he helped create the California Public Policy Institute.  Arjay also discussed climate change and why he is optimistic that some of Stanford's MBA graduates will help mitigate climate change.  This interview was broadcast in July, 2014 and is available from this link
Celebrating Dean Arjay Miller's 100th Birthday!!

KZSU helped celebrate Dean Arjay Miller's 100th Birthday on March 4, 2016.  Dean Arjay Miller's interview on his 100th birthday is available from this link.