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Fencing at Stanford

​Our first radio show about Stanford featured an introduction by Stanford's Fencing Head-Coaches Lisa Posthomus and George Pogosov.  This was followed by an interview with Alex Massialas and Maestro Greg Massialas, both of whom are Olympic fencing athletes.  Alex will compete this weekend (Oct 17-19) in the Men's Foil World Cup in San Francisco.  Good Luck! 
Many of Alex's Stanford friends and coaches are going to cheer for him this weekend. 

We were joined after that by Melody Lowman and Christopher Lowam from the Stanford Fencing
Association.  They discussed the role of the Association and they also told us about the 
fencing events they will organize during Homecoming on the weekend of Oct 24 - 25.  

All our guests also talked about why fencing is a wonderful sport that is suitable for all ages.

This fencing show was broadcast on KZSU in October, 2014 and is available from this link.

Stay tuned for more shows about Stanford Fencing where we will feature many of 
Stanford's rising fencing stars.
Stanford Women Gymnastics vs Utah on February 20, 2016:

​Our first radio show about Stanford Women Gymnastics featured Gregg Marsh from Stanford Athletics and Melissa Chuang a gymnast on Stanford's Women's Gymnastics Team.  They talked about the upcoming home game with Utah at Stanford's Maples Pavilion.  The game is on Saturday, February 20, 2016 and it starts at 2 pm and admission is free.

To listen to this interview, please click here.