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        Phil Knight                                                Chris Westrom                                            Carlos Del Pozo
Interview with Veterans from Stanford's GSB

For Veterans Day, 2014 we interviewed 3 veterans from Stanford's GSB about the leadership skills they learned in the army.  Our first guest was Mr. Phil Knight who got his MBA from Stanford in 1962 and started Nike in 1964.  Our two other guests are studying now for their MBA at Stanford after serving in the arm;  they are  Carlos Del Pozo and Chris Westrom.   After graduating from Princeton in 2008, Carlos joined the army where his last post before coming to Stanford was a Battalion Logistics Officer.  Chris Westrom graduated from West Point Academy with a degree in Mechanical Engineering, and after 5 years in the army he came to get his MBA from Stanford.

To listen to their interview about the leadership skills they learned in the army, please  click here.
Interview with Roger Boas, WWII Veteran 

Roger Boas joined the army a day after he graduated from Stanford in 1942.  Roger served in the army for almost four years;  his last eleven months in the army were spent in combat in Europe, for which
 he was awarded the Silver Star for Bravery.  Roger returned home to San Francisco in December, 1945 and had a difficult time adjusting to civilian life due to his undiagnosed case of "Battle Rattle", or Post Traumatic Stress Disorder.

KZSU interviewed Roger Boas about his new book "Battle Rattle: A Last Memoir of World War II" in which he discussed how war changed him, and how the Army now provides much better care for Post Traumatic Stress Disorder than it did during WWII.  In the interview, Roger also discussed his career  which included his service as Chief Administrative Officer of the City of San Francisco from 1977 - 1986 and State Chairman of the California Democratic Party from 1968 - 1970,

KZSU broadcast Roger Boas' interview on Veterans Day, 2015; it is available  from this link