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Rick Klau

Rick Klau is a Partner in Google Ventures, Startup Lab.   In our interview, Mr. Klau discussed why Google Ventures  is a unique Venture firm, what they look for in a business plan and what they look for in the team of entrepreneurs.  Mr. Klau  described the knowledge transfer process from Google to its lucky portfolio companies and how Startup Lab organizes workshops to help these portfolio companies excel.

Rick Klau was  a member of President Obama's Digital and Technology Advisory Group in the Obama for America 2012 campaign.  Mr. Klau was also part of Obama for America in 2008.  

Please click here to download our interview with Mr. Klau, which was broadcast on KZSU on Feb 6, 2013.
Bing Gordon

Bing Gordon joined Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers as partner in 2008, after a great career at as Chief Creative Officer of video game publisher and developer Electronic Arts (EA).  He has helped developed some of the world's most used and most interesting games, since the 1980s.  In 2011, Mr. Gordon received the Academy of Interactive Arts & Sciences Lifetime Achievement Award.

Mr. Gordon is on the board of several companies including  AmazonNgmoco, and Zynga.

In his interview with KZS, Mr. Gordon discussed what makes successful games, what VCs look for when investing in a gaming venture and he also gave examples of some of the successful games he helped build.  Mr. Gordon said that today there are probably 1.5 Billion people who play digital games every month, and that in 10 years, probably 3.5 Billion people will be playing digital games every month.  

To listen to Mr. Gordon's interview on KZSU, please click here.  
Professor Chuck Holloway, Director of the Stanford Center for Entrepreneurial Studies (CES) & 
John Lyman, Head of Partnerships, Google for Entrepreneurs

Listen to our exciting interview about entrepreneurship.  You will find out what makes a successful entrepreneur and will hear our guests discuss the tools available from Stanford's Business School and from Google for Entrepreneurs, that can help make modern entrepreneurs successful.  Our guests are Professor Chuck Holloway who founded and directs Stanford's Center for Entrepreneurial Studies and John Lyman who heads partnerships at Google for Entrepreneurs.  

​Our guests also talked about the available tools from Stanford's CES and Google for Entrepreneurs that can help veterans and minorities succeed as entrepreneurs.  They also dicussed how Stanford’s CES and Google for Entrepreneurs are helping entrepreneurs who “Have an Idea, Make it Happen” and “Change lives. Change organizations. Change the world.” 

Professor Holloway and Mr. Lyman's interview will be broadcast on  KZSU,  on September 18, 2013 and can be downloaded from this link.
William H. Draper

Mr. William Draper is a pioneering Venture Capitalist.  He is one of America's most successful Venture Capital investors and is greatly admired not only because he has helped start Silicon Valley, but also because he has had a long career of public service.  Due to his success as a Venture Capital investor,   Mr. Draper was appointed by the Reagan Administration to head the US Export-Import Bank and in 1985 he was asked by the White House to lead the United Nations Development Programme where he helped raise 1.5 Billion per year from rich countries to fund projects in developing countries.

KZSU's interview with Mr. Bill Draper focused on how he helped start Silicon Valley, how he made his investment decisions, what qualities he looks for in the people he invests in and his work at the Export-Import Bank and the UNDP.  We also talked about his book, The Startup Game which chronicles many of Mr. Draper's investments and has anecdotes of some of the world leaders he met, including Fidel Castro.

We also discussed his non-profit, The Draper Richards Kaplan Foundation which has helped more many non-profit organizations achieve their goals.

KZSU broadcast this interview on July 8, 2015 and it  is available from this link.