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Former Stanford President John Hennessy:

In his interview, Stanford's President John Hennessy, Stanford's 10th President, discussed Stanford University's plans plans to deal with the continuing federal budget cuts to scientific research.  To listen to President Hennessy's interview on KZSU, please click here.
Dr. Vint Cerf, Google VP and Chief Internet Evangelist:

Our new interview with  Dr. Vint Cerf (the father of the Internet) focused on how to prevent a Digital Dark Age, the Interplanetary Internet and how to ensure the security of our appliances that are connected to the Internet.  This interview was broadcast in July, 2015 and is available from this link.

Dr. Cerf's 2013 interview is available from this link.
Former Stanford Trustee, Dr. William Brody:

Dr. William Brody, Served as President of the Salk Institute and as Stanford University Trustee, and served for 12 years as President of Johns Hopkins. Dr. Brody discussed  his course, Uncommon Sense, in which he taught students how to stand out and be noticed.  Dr. Bordy also discussed the promise of personalized medicine and what we need to do to get adequate funding for scientific research. To listen to the interview on KZSU, please click here.
Dr. T.J. Rodgers, Founder, Cypress Semiconductors:

Dr. T.J. Rodgers served as the longest serving CEO of a semiconductor company.  He has led Cypress Semiconductors since 1983 and helped make it the biggest semiconductor company in the world.  Dr. Rodgers is a great wine enthusiast and has wineries in California.  His winery, Clos de La Tech produces the best Pinot Noir in the New World.  To download the show, please click on this link.

Professor Noam Chomsky

Our April, 2015 Interview with Professor Chomsky is available  from this link.  Professor Chomsky discussed President Obama's new nuclear deal with Iran, the role of the US  in the Middle East and Cuba and why the US media does not report accurately on all the US policies overseas. We  talked about how NAFTA hurt Mexico's economy and helped increase immigration from Mexico to the US. 

Our 2013 interview with  Professor Noam Chomsky is available from this link.  In this interview, Professor Chomsky discussed the media, Occupy Wall Street and Scientific Research in America.
Mr. Phil Knight

In this interview, Mr. Knight discussed his original vision for Nike and how it changed since 1964. He also talked about innovations at Nike and how wearable technologies, like Nike's Fuel Band, will change Nike, When asked about whether Nike will have the Back to the Future power laces in 2015,he laughed and said "stick around" and added "we might."  
To listen to the interview, please click here.
Dr. Don Kennedy (In Memorium)

In this interview, Dr. Kennedy discussed his vision for improving education at Stanford, while he was President of Stanford from 1980 - 1992.  Dr. Kennedy also discussed how as Editor-in-Chief of Science, he helped popularize science and climate change.  Dr. Kennedy also discussed why he thinks Stanford could help UC Berkeley and other UC Schools increase their budget from the State of California.  Dr. Kennedy's interview is available from this link.
Mr. John Gunn

Chairman of the Board of Directors of the San Francisco Opera talked to KZSU about San Francisco Opera’s new, exciting production of Two Women which will premiere in June, 2015.    Mr. Gunn served as a member of Stanford University’s Board of Trustees, we took this opportunity to discuss his vision for Stanford, Stanford Hospital and Stanford Research and some of the opportunities that students can find in the field of biotechnology.

The interview is available from this link.

KZSU's Interview with Dr. Kathleen Rubins on the ISS:

Dr. Kathleen Rubins, Stanford PhD ’06, the first astronaut to sequence DNA aboard a spacecraft is the 46th American woman (& 60th woman) to go to space. In her interview on the ISS, Dr. Rubins described her experiments on the ISS with Kevin Cool, editor of Stanford Magazine.  

For the Skype Interview, please press this link. The radio interview is available from this link.

KZSU interviewed Professor Joel Peterson, Chairman, Jet Blue

To celebrate JetBlue's 20th Anniversary in August, 2018, we interviewed its Chairman, Stanford Professor Joel Peterson. We asked about what makes JetBlue successful, why its management team is terrific, why customers trust JetBlue and why JetBlue won the JD Power Award for more than a decade.

We also asked Professor Peterson about his book The 10 Laws of Trust as well as his leadership of the Hoover Institution at Stanford; Professor Peterson is Chair of the Board of Overseers, Hoover Institution. 

To listen to this interview, please click this link 
KZSU - 90.1 FM - interviewed Dr. David Burns:

Stanford Professor David Burns, renowned pioneer of advancing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), talked to KZSU about why CBT helps patients suffering from depression and anxiety. Dr. Burns discussed how he uses CBT techniques that he developed since the 1970s to cure patients with depression, often in just one three-hour session.

In this interview, we asked Dr. Burns to give us examples of how these CBT techniques work. They are described in his books, which include: Feeling Good  - The New Mood Therapy and Feeling Good Together. For more information, please visit Dr. David Burns' Feeling Good website where he posts audio of some of his CBT therapy sessions with patients. The audio is free of charge.

To listen to Dr. David Buns' interview on KZSU,  please click this link 

 Stanford Professor, Dr. David Burns, and The Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Revolution:

 20 Years with JetBlue (and the Future of Aviation):

 Women in Space (and on the Moon by 2024 - vote for NASA Artemis):

      Dr. Barry Kerzin, founder, Altruism in Medicine Institute:

KZSU's Interview with Dr. Barry Kerzin, Physician to HH Dalai Lama about Pandemic:

Dr. Barry Kerzin gave KZSU this interview from Dharmsala in April 2020 to share HH The Dalai Lama's message of using Compassion to help deal with the 2020 pandemic. Dr. Kerzin shared his advice on how to cope in these trying times,and discussed some of the Compassion programs that his Altruism in Medicine Institute teaches around the world to physicians, nurses, teachers as well as the police force in Pittsburgh, PA and other groups.

To listen to the interview, please click this link.

     Do You Know ​How Stress Affect Ageing?  
     - click here for Interview with UCSF Professors Elizabeth Blackburn & Elissa Epel 

Quantum Consciousness

Professor Suart Hameroff talked to KZSU 

The Science of Consciousness Conference
 April 18-22, 2022

- The Center for Consciousness Studies,
   University of Arizona

ORCH OR theory of quantum Consciousness
   with Nobel Laureate Sir Roger Penrose

Microtubules in Quantum  Consciousness

- Recent Research shows Ultrasound has 
  positive effect on treating several diseases

- Ultrasound effect on Microtubules

Interview includes comments by Sir Roger Penrose

To listen to the interview, 
please click here

  Quantum Theory of Consciousness, Dr. Stuart Hameroff  Interview on KZSU

  Dick Gould - Winnigest Stanford Men's Tennis Coach  - 2022 Interview on KZSU

Stanford's Legendary Men's Tennis Coach

Dick Gould

talked to KZSU about his new book

Anatomy of a Champion:
 Building and Sustaining Success in Sport, Business and Life

Book Endorsed by Secretary Condoleezza Rice
 Foreward by John McEnroe

To listen to Dick Gould's July 2022  interview
please click here

"We are on the Cusp of Amazing Things ..."

Dr. Vint Cerf talked to KZSU about the 
Interplanetary Internet, 
(which has been in the making for 20+ years)
 and how it's
Bundle Protocols 
differ from our TCP/IP

Dr. Vint Cerf is widely known as the 'father of the Internet"
and is Google's Chief Internet Evangelist / VP

To listen to Dr. Cer's 2022 interview
please click here

   Sir Roger Penrose - on Consiousness, Quantum Mechanics and the ORCH-OR Proposal

Vint Cerf - Designing the Interplanetary Internet to Connect to Mars & Outer Space  

 Christin Evans - on How Keplers Books, The Booksmith & The Alembic survived the Pandemic

Thirty Minutes on the Quantum Theory of Consciousness:

Nobel Prize Laureate Sir Roger Penrose talked to  Stanford's radio staiton, KZSU about the  Quantum   Theory of Consciousness and the Orch-OR Proposal which he developed with Dr. Stuart Hameroff.

In 2017 Roger Penrose wrote How Consciousness Became the Universe: Quantum Physics, Cosmology, Neuroscience, Parallel Universes with Deepak Chopra and Brandon Carter

Thirty Minutes on How to Survive in Uncertain Times:

Christin Evans, one of the most successful women entrepreneurs in the Bay Area talked to 
KZSU about how she helped lead her 3 businesses to success during and after the pandemic.

Christin is co-owner of Keplers Books in Menlo ParkThe Booksmith and The Alembic 
restaurant in San Francisco.

To listen to Roger Penrose and Christin Evans please click here

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