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Interview with Stanford President John Hennessy:

In his interview, Stanford's President John Hennessy discussed Stanford University's plans plans to deal with the continuing federal budget cuts to scientific research.  To listen to President Hennessy's interview on KZSU, please click here.
Interview with Vint Cerf, Google VP and Chief Internet Evangelist:

Congratulations to Dr. Vint Cerf (the father of the Internet) on receiving this year's inaugural Queen Elizabeth Prize in Engineering for helping create the "key developments that shaped the Internet and Web as a coherent system and brought them into public use."   Dr. Cerf's interview on KZSU is on tumblr and is available from this link.
Interview with Stanford Trustee, Dr. William Brody:

Dr. William Brody, President of the Salk Institute and Stanford Univesity Trustee, discussed with KZSU several options for dealing with the federal budget cuts to scientific research.  Dr. Brody's interview will be broadcast in January, 2014.
Interview with Dr. T.J. Rodgers, CEO, Cypress Semiconductors:

Dr. T.J. Rodgers is the longest serving CEO of a semiconductor company.  He has led Cypress Semiconductors since 1983 and helped make it the biggest semiconductor company in the world.  Dr. Rodgers is a great wine enthusiast and has wineries in California.  Tune in at noon  before Stanford's game at the Rose Bowl in 2014 to listen to what made Stanford alum, Dr. TJ Rodgers so successful.  To download the show, please click on this link.