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About Modern Tek News
Modern TeK News Radio broadcasts on
KZSU, Stanford, 90.1 FM

KZSU Stanford's radio reaches millions of listeners:  
KZSU's 90.1 FM signal broadcasts from San Jose 
to San Francisco, east to Berkeley, Hayward and Fremont.

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About Our Interviews:

We interview companies in Silicon Valley and around the world about the latest technologies they are working on that will help change the world!    

Some of the technologies we report on include:

  - Bionic Eye gives the blind hope to regain sight
    developed by 2nd Sight in California

 -  Stanford University's Photovoltaic Retinal Prosthesis 
    for Restoring Sight to the Blind - developed by Stanford's
    departments of: Ophthalmology, Hansen Experimental Physics 
    Lab, Electrical Engineering, and Neurobiology.

 -  The latest Robot RP-VITA for Hospitals 
    developed by InTouch Health  and IRobots 

 -  The latest in robots for the Home  IRobot Roomba
     vacuum cleaning robots developed by IRobots

 -  Interviews about Driverless Cars and Solar Cars at at Stanford.

 -  Wearable electronics and Haute Tech Fashion Dresses
    By Rachel Bagely  with support and samples from Select Solar     

​ -  Designer Despina Papadopoulos of Sutdio 5050 Ltd designs
     Hitech Couture and Solar Dresses as well as cool
     Click Sneakers!

 -  Water and Sun reactive fabric: clothes that change color by
    reacting to sunlight and water!  by designer  Amy Winters.

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