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Meet Rodger Whitney, Stanford's Chief Housing Officer:

​In this interview, Dr. Rodger Whitney, Executive Director of Residential and Dining Enterprises (R&DE) Student Housing 
discussed how student housing at Stanford has changed over the years, where it is now, as well as Stanford's plans 
to increase student housing by 2025.   
Dr. Whitney talked about how new student housing is planned, designed, financed and built at Stanford.  He told us how he
 meets every year  with Housing Executives from Ivy League Universities to discuss student housing issues around the country.  
He discussed why student housing at Stanford is different from other leading universities, stressing that the way student 
housing is assigned at Stanford ensures fairness, diversity and inclusiveness; he added that Stanford is probably the only 
school that has a flat fee for all undergraduate housing.  And the most important thing, he added about Stanford Housing 
is that it makes student feel at home, where there is a community and a great deal of comfort.

Dr. Whitney explained how maintenance of student housing happens; he told us how Stanford developed a website
that students can use to request maintenance online - to use it, please go to the fixit website.

In this interview we also found out how Dr. Whitney runs R&DE Student Housing with his team of 200 dedicated people.
In acknowledgment for his work over the past 35 years, Dr. Whitney is sometimes referred to as the Mayor of Student Housing. Please tune in to his rare interview with Stanford's Mayor of Student Housing.

KZSU broadcast this interview on December 3, 2014.  To download or to listen to the interview, please click here.