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Joyable's Online Revolution to Help People with Social Anxiety:

More than one in 8 Americans will experience clinical social anxiety in their lifetime.  The National Institute of Mental Health reports that 85% of Americans with social anxiety don't get adequate help. is planning to change that because it has an online self-paced program that uses Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques to help people with social anxiety.  

KZSU's News Reporter Carly Cohen interviewed Allison Mateo, Client Coach at Joyable about how Cognitive Behavior Therapy is used online at Joyable.  To listen to the interview, please click here.  KZSU broadcast this interview on February 17 at 9 am and 6 pm.

KZSU's first News Broadcast about Joyable is available from this link and was broadcast on Feb 10, 2016.
Secretary William Perry's new book "My Journey at the Nuclear Brink":

Stanford University Press recently published Secretary William Perry's book My Journey at the Nuclear Brink in which Dr. Perry, the 19 US Secretary of Defense,  discusses how to free the world from nuclear weapons and what steps we need to take to reduce nuclear dangers. KZSU is very privileged that Secretary Perry promised us an interview about his new book in the near future. We will let you know when it will be broadcast, as soon as it is available. 

KZSU's News Broadcast about the book is available from this link.  It was broadcast on Feb 12, 2016.
Memory Mirrors, Revolutionizing Retail:

The inventors of the Memory Mirrors are planning to revolutionize retail.   KZSU interviewed Mr. Salvador Nissi Vilcovsky, founder of Memory Mirror.  Mr. Vilcovsky discussed how the mirrors work and how his company was encouraged by Intel.   The mirrors are now on the 2nd fl of Neiman Marcus at the Stanford Mall

KZSU's News Reporter Carly Cohen tried out the Memory Mirror at Neiman Marcus at the Stanford Mall.
To listen to Carly's report about the Memory Mirror  please click here,  KZSU broadcast Carly's report on
February 15, 2016.

To listen to KZSU's first interview about the Memory Mirrors with Mr. Vilcovsky, please click here.  This interview  was broadcast on February 8, 2016.

George Washington University's Licht Lab Shows How Climate Change Can Be Solved 
by Changing CO2 to Carbon Nanofibers:

KZSU interviewed Professor Stuart Licht about his Licht Research Lab's successful and inexpensive process to convert CO2 from the air into carbon nanofibers.  This STEP (Solar Thermal Electrochemical Photo) Process can reduce the amount of CO2 in the air and solve climate change if we find more applications for carbon nanofibers in the construction and other industries.  We also interviewed famed architect Frank Gehry and we found out that he used carbon nanofibers to make his new sail boat Foggy2 and that his first sailboat was also made of carbon nanofibers because it is lighter than other materials used to make boats.

This 5 minute KZSU news broadcast is available from this link.  It was broadcast on February 22, 2016.

Mr. Frank Gehry's full interview with KZSU is available from this page.

KZSU's interview with Professor Licht in which he described how his process works is available from this link.
Plans to Save the SS United States, America's Flagship:

KZSU interviewed Susan Gibbs, Executive Director, SS United States Conservancy about the new plans to save America's Flagship, The plans were announced in February 2016 and  include working with Crystal Cruises to renovate the ship so that it can go back to sea, and also serve as a museum.  One of the books about this ship is  A Man and His Ship which was written about how William Francis Gibbs, America's greatest naval architect, built the SS United States to be the fastest ship, at the time. 

Susan's initial 5 minute news broadcast was broadcast on February 24, 2016 and is available from this link.

KZSU's 30 minute interview with Susan Gibbs  is available from this link.

Will Stem Cells Cure Macular Degeneration?

KZSU interviewed Stanford Professor Theodore Leng about the clinical trials that he is leading to test if stem cells can cure the dry form of Macular Degeneration, which is one of the leading causes of blindness in the U.S.  These clinical trials are in their second year, and are on-going at Stanford's Byers Eye Institute.

KZSU's News Broadcast about these clinical trials is available from this link.  It was in February, 2016.
Martin Hellman Awarded Turing Award for his work on Cryptography

KZSU interviewed Stanford Professor Emeritus Martin Hellman about his being awarded the Turing Award by the Association of Computing Machinery (ACM) for his great contribution to modern cryptography.  Professor Hellman shared the Turing Award with Whitfield Diffie.

This Broadcast is available from this link.  It was broadcast on March 7, 2016.
Can VC-01, Viacyte's New Stem Cell Based Device, Treat Diabetes Type 1?

Viacyte developed VC-01 after more than 15 years of research on using stem cell technology to treat Diabetes Type 1. VC-01 is now in clinical trials in the US and Canada to test if it's stem cell therapy can help treat Diabetes Type 1. In his interview with KZSU,  Dr. Laikind, Viacyte's CEO, discussed how VC-01 works, how this technology has cured diabetes in the animal model, how VC-01 might help treat patients with Type 1 Diabetes and how to find out about the clinical trials of VC-01.  making VC-01 successful so far.

This 5 minute Summary News Broadcast is available from this link.  KZSU's full interview with Dr. Laikind is available from this link.
Technology Can Revolutionize Tax Filings on April 15:

Stanford Law Professor Josephh Bankman is one of few U.S. Tax Law experts who tried to use technology to make tax filings as easy as paying a credit card bill.  In his interview, Professor Bankman explained how technology can revolutionize tax filings; he also discussed how Intuit's successful lobbying has been able to prevent this from happening for many decades.   
KZSU broadcast this interview in March, 2016.  It is available from this link.
Kannon Headphones Revolutionize Listening & Help Preserve Hearing:

Taction Technology developed Kannon, a headphone that distributes the sound to the skin surrounding the ear.  In his interview with KZSU, Dr.James Biggs, CEO of Taction Technology explained why listening with our skin (and ears) helps enhance the listening experience.  Dr. Biggs also pointed out that distributing the sound to the skin surrounding the ear, will help prevent hearing loss.  

The interview was broadcast in April, 2016.  It is available from this link.
Celebrating Frank Dikotter's New Book at the Hoover Institution

The Hoover Institution hosted an event about Dr. Frank Dikotter's new book, The Cultural Revolution, A People's History 1962 - 1976,  on March 31, 2016.  KZSU interviewed Dr. Dikotter after the event about how he organized the book, and about the Chinese leaders who came after Mao.  We also asked about Dr. Dikotter's upcoming book which will be about dictators, the image they project, the cult of personality, and how the dictators he selected in the book built up their image so that people thought that they were adored by the public.

KZSU broadcast this interview in April, 2016.  It is available from this link.

Creamistry: Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream in Palo Alto

KZSU interviewed Creamistry, the newest ice cream maker in Palo Alto.  Creamistry serves Made-to-Order Liquid Nitrogen Ice Cream (made at -322 def. F). Liquid Nitrogen makes a creamier ice cream.  Creamistry also serves vegan ice cream. To find out about Palo Alto's Creamistry,please visit their webiste.

To find out why people call Creamistry the Ice Cream of the Future, please listen to KZSU's five minute interview at Creamistry Grand Opening.  It is available from this link.

Alitura Naturals: All Natural Skin Products

KZSU interviewed Andy Hnilo, founder and CEO, Alitura Naturals about their new, all natural skin care products.  Andy developed his skin care line to help reduce the scars that he had after an accident in 2011. Andy believes that the skin responds best to natural ingredients that come directly from the earth, rather than chemicals or synthetic formulations. In oiur interview, Andy mentioned how he experimented with different natural ingredients after his accident until he found the right mix that helped him and that he now manufactures in Oahu, Hawaii and sells in 40 countries.

To listen to the radio interview, please click this link.

Roving Blue: Compact Water Purification Using Ozone

KZSU interviewed Roving Blue CEO, Yana DeMeyer about their products: O-Pen which can purify a glass of water in seconds and MVP-A, a bigger water purification system that can be used on camping trips. O-Pen and MVP-A are the only products so far that use Ozone to purify waterl Ozone also removes bad odor and taste from water, which makes it ideal for purifying well water; Ozone can also be used to purify containers as well as clean fruit and vegetables. Yanna discussed how she started Roving Blue, her plans for the company and her advice on having your own startup.

To listen to the radio interview, please click this link.

Bill Rogg on Teaching and Creating Music

KZSU interviewed Bill Rogg, former elementary music teacher in Palo Alto about how to interest children in music and what he would have done to improve music education in Palo Alto. Bill stopped teaching music in 2016 and is now creating music full time. In the interview Bill also discussed why positive thinking and meditation are important.

To listen to the radio interview, please click this link.

Jean Cannon, Archivist at Hoover Institution on Upcoming Hoover Exhibitions

KZSU interviewed Jean Cannon about some of the recent and upcoming exhibitions at the Hoover Institution including The Crown Under the Hammer: Russia, Romanovs, Revolution which is on-going till March, 2018 with the Cantor Museum. Jean also discussed how people can do research at the Hoover Institution Library and Archives and get access to its reading rooms. One of the most interesting Exhibitions that will follow the Crown Under the Hammer is based on The Overseas Weekly Collection which was started by a Stanford graduate about the Vietnam War - it will start in April, 2018

To listen to this radio interview, please click this link.

IQVIS CEO, Hasan Tarik

KZSU interviewed Hasan Tarik about IQVIS, the software development and mangement company about their work in BlockChain Technology, Conversational AI and Chatbots. IQVIS is one of a handful of companies in the Bay Area that lead in implementing blockchain technology, conversational AI and chatbot projects.

To listen to the BlockChain Technnology interview, please click this link.

The Conversational AI and Chatbot sections will be available in March, 2018

Summer Writing Camps in Palo Alto - Grades 2 - 8 

KZSU interviewed Dr. Chuck Bernstein, founder of HeadsUp.orgEmerson and Hacienda Schools. We talked about the future of education how he based the schools that he started in the Bay Area since the 1980s on a Montessori approach, with individualized learning designed to help each student learn and succeed. Dr. Bernstein discussed his philosophy of education, why his schools emphasize teaching languages and why he recommends the Summer Writing Camps they offer.

Dr. Bernstein's KZSU interview  is available from this link. To listen to information about the Early Learning Institute's Summer Writing Camp in Palo Alto and Pleasanton,please click here.