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3D Printed Drugs:  Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Gets FDA Approval for Spritam

KZSU's interview with Aprecia Pharmaceuticals about the first ever 3-D Printed Drug to get FDA approval 
is available from this link.

In this interview, Ms. Jennifer Zieverinck discussed how Spritam will help patients, when it will be available
and the future plans that Aprecia has for producing new 3-D Printed drugs that will target diseases that affect
the Central Nervous System.  Ms. Zieverinck gave us an overview of how 3D-Printed drugs are manufactured
as well as how she expects that their manufacturing process will improve with time.  Ms. Zieverinck mentioned
that 3D-printing of drugs is the beginning of a revolution in the way drugs will be manufactured in the future.
Ms. Zieverinck also pointed out that 3D-Printing of drugs is not personalized medicine, and that each drug 
has to take time to be approved by the FDA.