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Our interviews show how technology is used to preserve ancient art.  We also show how modern artists and architects incorporate new technologies to create wonderful, modern work.
The library of St. Catherine's Monastery, in Sinai, Egypt, has one third of the world's ancient books that were written more than 1000 years ago.  The monastery was built in the year 550 by the Byzantian Emperor, Justinian, to protrect the Burning Bush and the Ancient Well of Moses. 

Listen to our interview with the monks of the monastery to see how they use technology to digitize the rare manuscripts, to look to new water wells as well as to make mosaic art.
Frank Gehry's design of Panama's biodiversity museum is modern and unique.  It is in the perfect location to see where two ocean meet.   Our interview with Panama's Biodiversity Museum will be broadcast soon.
Stanford Jazz Festival, 2014

Ernie Rideout, Marketing Director of the Stanford Jazz Festival talked to us about this year's Jazz Workshops and some of the  jazz musicians and artists who will perform at the festival this year.  Ernie's interview is here.

Our interview with the great jazz guitarist, Larry Coryell is available from this link.  Larry discussed his new opera, War and Peace which he composed based on Tolstoy's masterpiece.   War and Peace will be permiere in Slovenia later this year and the CDs will be available in December, 2014.  Larry also discussed this composition Montgomery which he composed for Dr. Martin Luther King and he had valuable advice for young musicians.  

Dena Derose will sing songs from her new album We Won't Forget You, A Homage to Shirley Horn.  Dena Derose's KZSU interview is available from this link.   To see Dena Derose at this year's festival, please click here.
​Brian Ray (& the The Bayonets):

In this interview famed guitarist and singer Brian Ray talked about his new song, So Easy Rider which was released by The Bayonets, a group he formed with talented musician and songwriter Oliver Leiber.  We also talked about The Bayonets' other new songs which include the new hit Crash Boom Bang..  The Banyonets' songs were produced by Robo Records.

 Brian reminisced about how he started working with Etta James when he was only 19 and how she encouraged him and recorded one of his songs, saying “I’ll do anything for Brian.” We also talked about his work with Paul McCartney since 2002, and his fascinating performances with Paul McCartney - we only had time to talk about two of these performances, the one at the White House when Paul McCartney received the Gershwin Award and the 2002 performance at The Super Bowl, which was the first time he performed with Paul McCartney..

The interview was broadcast in October, 2014 on KZSU and is available from this link.
​KZSU’s Interview with Italian Tenor Pasquale Esposito’s New Caruso Documentary:

KZSU interviewed Italian tenor, Pasquale Esposito about the new documentary “Pasquale Esposito Celebrates Caruso” which he recently produced. The documentary was released in 2015 and is licensed by PBS. Mr. Esposito grew up in Naples, not far from where Enrico Caruso was born; he was always fascinated by Caruso, so he filmed this documentary in the area where Mr. Caruso lived and loved to sing. In this interview Mr. Esposito also discussed how he financed this documentary initially on Kickstarter, how technology is now helping him communicate more with his audience and his advice for young singers was to “study, study, study!”

Mr. Esposito also talked about his upcoming role in Two Women, the new opera that will premeire at the San Francisco Opera in June, 2015. In Two Women, Mr. Esposito will sing La Strada Nel Bosco, a song that was famous in Italy during and after World War II.

In the last part of the interview Mr. Esposito talked about Notable Music and Arts Organization, a non-profit organization that he founded to help increase cultural and arts understanding, The organization also helps singing students who qualify take voice lessons in San Jose, California with Mr. Esposito.