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An Interview with 3 Jewelers from Palo Alto: 
GleimThe Goldsmith & Arnoldi

Our guests included Georgie Gleim from Gleim Jewelers, Tom Wilson from The Goldsmith and Luigi Arnoldi from 
Arnoldi Jewelers. All three jewelers are in Palo Alto: Gleim specializes in estate jewelry, The Goldsmith make custom
 jewelry and Arnoldi are experts in Italian jewelry. 

 In this interview Georgie talked about the history of Gleim, which is one of the oldest jewelry stores in Palo Alto;  
Georgie also explained what estate jewelry is and why Gleim specializes in estate jewelry, Tom discussed how 
he makes custom jewelry and Luigi talked about Italian jewelry and why its craftsmanship is legendary,  All three
jewelers gave us valuable information on how to buy jewelry, what to look for when purchasing gemstones and they
all answered our questions, including: is jewelry a good investment?

During the interview Luigi mentioned that they stopped selling new watches because people now buy them online 
because they don't pay taxes on online purchases.  To explore this topic, we interviewed one of America's leading
Tax Law experts, Stanford Law Professor Joseph Bankman.  Professor Bankman discussed the current laws, which
give online merchants an unfair advantage.  He also discussed how jewelers and retailers can change those laws 
so that online merchants would also be required to charge taxes.  

The hour long interview is available from this link.

Professor Bankman's section of the interview is available from  this link..

An Interview with Professor Despina Papadopoulos about
​Wearable Technologies & Principled Design:

Despina Papadopoulos' Day-for-Night Solar Dress made a big fashion statement when it was first unveiled, so did the click-sneakers and now, Despina's temperature sweater and talking sneakers are making their mark the wearable technology industry.  Due to her extensive and inventive portfolio in wearable technologies, Despina Papadopoulos was named one of the top six most interesting women in technology.  

KZSU talked to Despina about her wearable designs, the design courses she teaches at NYU and the new projects that she is planning for the future.  We also found out about how Depsina and other designers' collaboration on the Afghanistan Artisan Project could help the artisans in Afghanistan and other developing countries.  

To read about Despina's projects please visit her website Principled Design.  To find out about her design classes at NYU, please visit Tisch School of the Arts.

KZSU will broadcast this interview in January, 2015 and it can be downloaded from this link.