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Congresswoman Anna Eshoo
Our Interview with Congresswoman Eshoo was broadcast on KZSU, Stanford, on Feb 20, 2013 
and   is available from this link.

In this interview, Congresswoman Eshoo discussed sequestration, research funding, energy and manufacturing.
- Some of Congresswoman Eshoo's science & technology initiatives, including:
                  Rep. Eshoo said, "Every 2 days, the world generates more data
                  than in all of human history, prior to 2003", this data is stored
                  and retrieved, and energy is expended for its storage and retrieval.
                  Rep. Eshoo's legislation targets saving energy in Federal Data Centers,
                  which hold about 10% of this data.

- Congresswoman Eshoo also responded to questions by Stanford Professors Roger Kornberg & Scott Hubbard

Our 18th District  has been represented in the US Congress by Congresswoman Anna Eshoo since 1992. 

Senator Jeff Bingaman

After representing New Mexico in the US Senate from 1983 to  2013.  In April, 2013, Senator Jeff Bingaman 
joined Stanford Law School's Steyer-Taylor Center for Energy Policy and Finance as a distinguished fellow to 
develop policies to assist states and local communities to use more clean energy.  In this interview, 
Senator Bingaman discussed the energy bill that passed in 2005 and the Security and Energy Act 2007 which 
he helped shape and pass through Congress.  Senator Bingaman also discussed the new Health Care Act 
and how it will benefit many people across the United States.  We also talked about how we can have policies
that help mitigate climate change and how to pass future energy bills.  In the first part of his interview,
 Senator Jeff Bingaman mentioned how the Supreme Court's decision to remove the limits on campaign 
contributions will affect campaign results.

This interview will be broadcast on KZSU on November 13, 2013 and can be downloaded from this link.
Congressman Mike Honda

In his interview with KZSU, Congressman Honda discussed his plans to help reduce the gap between the rich 
and the poor in the US.  He also discussed his record to help his constituents in California's District 17:
  •  Congressman Honda helped reduce the interest rate on student loans and worked on                                     the 2013 Student Loan Fairness Act.
  • Congressman Honda  also helped increase Federal spending  on scientific research.  He sponsored the Nanotechnology Act,  a bill to help fund nano technology; it was signed by President Bush in 2003.
  • Congressman Honda helped scientists who lobbied in 2004 to fund Proposition 71 which was approved by California voters and has been funding stem cell research in many universities in California since 2004.
  • He worked with President Obama to pass Stimulus Package of 2008 which brought many jobs to California.

As a lifetime educator, Congressman Honda said that we have to find a way to make college more affordable.
He also said that we need to think about education as a civil right and that we need to make special education
affordable across California and theU.S.  Congressman Honda's office contacts his constituents in 20 different
languages because he believes people benefit from knowledge of different languages and cultures.

Congressman Honda is running for re-election in November, 2014.
This interview was broadcast on KZSU in September, 2013 and can be downloaded from this link.
Congressman Mike Honda: with President Obama & at Stanford's SLAC with Energy Secretary Chu. 
Valerie Jarrett, Senior Advisor to President Obama
KZSU was honored to interview Valerie Jarrett at KZSU, during the 2016 Global Entrepreneurship Summit at Stanford.  Ms. Jarrett talked to Francis Dickerson, KZSU's Public Affairs Director about why she chose to study at Stanford, how she made her career decisions and what it was like to work at the White House. Ms. Jarrett studied Psychology at Stanford and then studied law at Michigan Law School.  

We are all star struck by Ms.Jarrett not only because of her accomplishments but also because of her dedication to helping and empowering women to lead and succeed in their careers as well as in sports.

To listen to this interview, please click this link

Valerie Jarrett at KZSU in June, 2016: 

photos with Francis Dickerson & Arlene Stevens
Election 2016: Talk by Professor David Brady

KZSU broadcast Election 2016, a talk given by Stanford Professor David Brady in October 2016, during Stanford Reunion Homecoming Weekend.  The talk included a discussion of the key issues that voters face and issues that the new government will deal with. Professor Brady is a Professor of Pubic Policy at Stanford and a Fellow at the Freeman Spogli Institute for International Affairs; he has written more than a hundred papers and his books include: Revolving Gridlock: Politics and Policy from Jimmy Carter to George W. Bush (Transforming American Politics) and Red and Blue Nation?: Consequences and Correction of America's Polarized Politics.

To listen to the talk, please click this link.

2018 Economic and Business Climate - an interview with Robert Malott

KZSU broadcast our interview with Mr. Robert Malott. former CEO and Chairman of the FMC Corporation and former Chairman of the Hoover Institution from 1988 to 1991. In this interview, Mr. Malott discussed why he voted for Donald Trump, what he thinks of the new tax bill, and the current business climate. 

Mr. Malott also discussed his views about the academic climate and why he recommended that we read a copy ot the letter sent by the Dean of the University of Chicago to the Class of 2020.

We asked Mr. Malott about why Illinois Governor Jim Thompson (R) was successful in working with both Republicans and Democarats. Mr. Malott served as Finance Chairman of Governor Thompson's 3 election campaigns. 

Mr. Robert Malott also discussed philanthropy and the arts. It was a rare treat to see a copy of the new book that he developed about his career which included great photos with President Reagan, Margaret Thatcher, Secretary George Shultz and many others. In one photo, President Reagan joked that it was the first time that Malott was on 'his left'.

KZSU broadcast this interview in January, 2018. To listen to Mr. Malott's interview, please click this link.