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We will have interviews about solar cars, driverless cars, solar airplanes, drones, hyperloop and other exciting transportation projects.
Rodney Slater, 13th U.S. Secretary of Transportation (1997 - 2001)

In a recent talk at Stanford Law School, former U.S. Transportation Secretary, Rodney Slater, discussed the future of transportation in the next 50 years.  Rodney Slater was appointed to be the 13th Secretary of Transportation by President Bill Clinton.  Since leaving the Department of Transportation, Mr. Slater has been with the law firm, Patton Boggs in Washington, DC.

KZSU's Maayan Dembo interviewed Secretary Slater in April, 2014.

Peter Calthorpe, Calthorpe Associates

​Peter Calthorpe, one of the most well known innovators in urban design in the world, gave KZSU an interview where he discussed how he started in this field, his views on urbanism in the age of climate change, high speed as well as Save the Bay and Saltworks.  In this interview, Mr. Calthorpe also discussed his Vision California project and what California can do to lead the world in designing for cities that have a lower carbon footprint and have better transportation and urban amenities.

Mr. Calthorpe has written extensively about urban design.  His most recent books include: 
Transit Oriented Development in China and Urbanism in the Age of Climate Change

Mr. Calthorpe's interview with KZSU's Maayan Dembo was broadcast on KZSU in April, 2014  
and is available from this link.

President Alejandro Toledo and Stanford Professor Chris Gerdes 
discuss Driverless Cars at Stanford & In Latin America:

In their interview on KZSU, President Alejandro Toledo, former President of Peru (2001 - 2006) and Professor Chris Gerdes, who heads Stanford's efforts in building automous vehicles, discussed how driverless cars will increase safety and reduce the amount of energy we use in driving.  President Toledo will campaign to be re-elected as President of Peru in 2016. if elected, President Toledo told us that he would like to build scientific cities where many scientists from Stanford and Latin America will work.  President Toledo and Professor Gerdes also discussed how driverless cars could be used in Peru and Latin America and how to start thinking of solving some of the urban planning problems in crowded cities in Peru and in Latin America.

For more information about Stanford's Car Projects, please click here.  The photos above were taken during President Toledo's visit to Stanford's Dynamic Design Lab.

This interview was broadcast in July, 2014 and is available from this link.

KZSU's Interview about Solar Cars and the Future of Solar Vehicles with:

Location: Stanford's Solar Car Machine Shop

In this interview, President Toledo who will run again for re-election in Peru in 2016 discussed his plans to use solar energy in Peru and his vision to help the poor in Peru and how he will look for alternate fuels to decrease Peru's dependence on oil.  Dr. Richard Swanson who founded Sunpower while teaching engineering at Stanford University discussed his vision for solar fuels that will reduce the amount of oil we use in transportation today and how that will help solve climate change.  Stanford's Solar Car Team hosted the event and their Team Lead, Guillermo Gomez talked about their plans to improve their solar car for the next solar car race in 2015.

This interview was broadcast in September, 2014 and is available from this link.
President Toledo driving Stanford's Solar Car with Mrs. Toledo,  Dr. Richard Swanson  & Stanford's Solar Car Team
President Toledo standing with Stanford students, then driving a car built by Stanford students with Professor Gerdes